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Our Expertise

Please feel free to explore below about the many forms of services we offer at Alcaro Plastics. This will help you understand, or better understand what it is we can do for you. You may just find exactly what it is you've been looking for!

Rotational Moulding


Rotational Moulding is how we create our many holding tanks, Water buoys, and other various more durable products. If what you are looking to create is rather large, this is probably the way we would have to build it.



Injection Moulding


Injection Moulding is the best way to produce many parts in the shortest amount of time. Though limited on how large you can go, if you have a smaller to medium sized product and need to create many parts, this is the way to go. Though due to how injection molding works, you cannot create any kind of sealed (hollow inside) part.



Vacuum Forming


Vaccum forming is done by heating a sheet of plastic and then pulling it over a mold using suction. A great way to create trays, caps and covers.


Custom Plastics


We offer custom tank building, If you have a one off large or odd shaped tank or part needed, we can build it. We do it by plastic welding together the entire thing inside and out creating a water tight seem.



Plastic Repairs


We can repair almost any damaged plastic part you may have, as long as it isn't too shattered. So if you have a cracked motorbike tank or RV tank or Canoe, we can repair it, as long as its plastic of course! 


Spin Fitting


Spin Fitting is where we put a threaded attachment onto your tank or part so you may fill it with whatever you desire. If you have a tank that needs a fitting, or one that has a broken fitting then bring it in, we can add new ones or repair old ones!



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