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Outhouse Toilet Stems

This product has many different names: outhouse toilet, pit toilet, toilet cone, toilet riser or toilet stem. No matter what you like to call it, this product is a must-have for any outhouse. Our toilet stems have no weight restrictions and can stand up to both extreme heat and cold weather. These lightweight and durable toilet stems are available in two sizes: standard and wheel chair accessible. They are also government used and approved. If you require a toilet stem with a smaller floor opening, ask about our custom modified toilet stems which include a 10" or 4" insert.

Are you looking for discounted product? Ask about our Outhouse Toilet stems with cosmetic imperfections.


Standard 14" Toilet Riser = $179.00 CAD Dollars


Handicap 18" Toilet Riser = $189.00 CAD Dollars


Standard Round Toilet Lid = $19.00 CAD Dollars


Located in the USA? Contact our US distributor

Mountain Addiction at 1-509-881-7688 or   

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